Dry Cargo Transportation

We are among the leading companies of the sector in international dry cargo transport. Our fleet of vehicles with features that can meet all the needs of our customers and our expert personnel transport dry cargo of all sizes and qualities under the most favourable conditions within the targeted time frame. We offer transportation solutions especially for palletized products such as dry food, industrial products, textiles, construction materials and equipment. We provide professional support in the establishment of the most suitable vehicle for the characteristics and type of palletized dry cargo, the correct selection of vehicles, and provide room temperatures that allow healthy delivery of food without deterioration throughout the process. Thanks to the advanced tracking systems used in the loading, transportation and delivery processes, we inform our customers in real time about where their cargo is at each stage. This, we manage our processes and communication with our customers in a transparent and secure manner. We respond to every need of customers by providing not only transportation but also consultancy service in palletized dry cargo transportation.

Dry Product Snack Max 60% Room Temperature 69.8°F (±3.6)
Drink Max 60% Room Temperature 69.8°F (±3.6)
Preserves Max 60% Room Temperature 69.8°F (±3.6)
Dry Product Max 60% Room Temperature 69.8°F (±3.6)
YAuxiliary Additive Material Max 60% Room Temperature 69.8°F (±3.6)