Our History

  • Started its first transportation activity with a Ford truck our company founder BEŞİR KAL in Turkey for a few years after working;

  • He decides to expand abroad and buys another truck and provides his first employment in Jordan, Kuwait and Iraq starts working.

  • He decides that this will not work with trucks and takes a step he sells the trucks and decides to buy a truck. Two years pass and the number of trucks suddenly increases to three. Transportation became an indispensable profession for him and he decided to start his own firm.

  • He migrated to Mersin and founded the company "KAL Logistics".

  • Our founder, who aimed further on his way He continued by establishing YILMAZ INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS.

  • Today, YILMAZ INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS has 60 employees, 50 model frigo vehicle and its own 7,500 sqm modern parking area to provide the best service to all its customers with a has taken it upon itself to... Fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen foods and pharmaceuticals has managed to make its name a brand in transportation has become one of the most sought-after companies in the transportation sector. With more than 40 years of transportation experience and all employees never compromise the principles of integrity and honesty with the discipline it instills uncompromising BEŞİR KAL YILMAZ, which has been in charge for twenty years International Transportation Company has become what it is today provided.

    As YILMAZ INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS employees and we thank him and continue to follow the path he showed us, we pledge that we will...

Our Values and Yılmaz Logistics Culture

The aim of our company is to provide fast, high quality and economical service to its customers, as well as to develop the business definition and resources to meet the international transportation needs of its customers anytime and anywhere.

Yılmaz Logistics Difference: Why Us?

The logistics sector, which has the responsibility of connecting every corner of the world in co-operation with all its stakeholders, is one of the areas where companies that can make a difference by adopting a superior service approach in fierce competition conditions are at the forefront. While carrying out our activities in a constantly developing and changing world in a highly competitive environment, we make our difference in the logistics branches of road freight transportation that require expertise, especially fresh fruit and vegetable transportation and medical product transportation. The difference of Yılmaz Logistics, which we make our customers, employees, business partners and all our stakeholders feel, comes from our knowledge, know-how, experience, quality service understanding, corporate culture, values and our strict adherence to our principles. We aim to provide a perfect transportation experience by developing innovative solutions focused on innovative approach, technology and service quality. Our young dynamic team, rich vehicle fleet, wide service network and constantly updated operational processes, combined with our fast decision-making ability, strengthen our leadership in the sector. In short, for Yılmaz Logistics, the process means ensuring maximum efficiency for our customers when transporting goods from point A to point B, in a modern, transparent, fast and reliable way.