Pharmaceutical Transportation

Pharmaceutical transportation requires great sensitivity at both national and international levels. As a result of developing production technologies and R&D studies, we come across as a logistics service in the growing pharmaceutical sector. Production, storage and all kinds of transfer processes for service receivers of the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector are among the areas where our company differs in the sector. Our vehicles with high standards of hygiene conditions specially designed for Pharmaceutical transportation in our fleet and our trained personnel carry pharmaceutical safely. On the other hand, we constantly observe compliance with global standards and regulations during the transport of medical products. By providing detailed documentation and a tracking system for each transport, we offer our customers the opportunity to monitor every stage of the process without interruption. We also stand by our customers in critical and sensitive pharmaceutical transportation with our 24/7 support line for emergency situations. In this way, we make it possible for all problems to be intervened quickly and for the processes to proceed smoothly.

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