Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Transportation

Preserving the freshness and naturalness of food during the transport process of carefully grown fresh fruits and vegetables is a process that requires expertise and knowledge. During the loading, transport and delivery of fresh vegetables and fruits, we provide all the facilities to ensure that the products are delivered in the freshness of the first day without deteriorating. While serving with our specialised personnel and appropriate vehicle fleet in this field, we provide service with special refrigerated vehicles and at appropriate temperatures according to the nature of the product / food. While ensuring the technical competencies of our vehicles for the refrigerated transportation service and checking them regularly, we are able to carry out the transportation process at high standards with drivers trained in this field. In addition to our vehicles, we guarantee optimum operating performance by performing regular maintenance of the equipment on the vehicles. Our expert team works with maximum care and scientific methods to prevent damage to the products. In this way, we can minimize the risks that may occur during transportation. We are in constant communication with customers, informing them at every stage of transportation, and responding quickly to possible requests or changes.

Series Product Chocolate and Coating Max 60% 64.4°F (±3.6)
Margarine Max 60% 57.2°F (±3.6)