Frozen Food Transportation

Transportation of frozen food products requires logistics services to be provided without interruption of the cold chain at constant temperatures required by packaged foods. As Yılmaz Logistics, we transport frozen products safely and quickly to their addresses in the targeted time under -18°C and below temperature conditions. We ensure that products are transported in accordance with frozen food standards with modern frozen cargo transportation vehicles and our expert team. During the transport process, we are able to intervene immediately in case of any temperature fluctuations thanks to advanced tracking systems that can instantly monitor the temperature of frozen products. In addition, by planning special routes for customers, we realize transportation by the shortest, safest way and ensure that the products reach their destination quickly by maintaining their freshness and quality. In frozen food transportation, we transport products on both local and international flights under optimal conditions in accordance with the highest quality standards. We offer support to customers at every stage during and after transportation, ensuring that they have a fast and safe experience.

Frozen Food Frozen Dough Humidity-Free Environment (-) 71,6°F (±3.6)
Sea ​​Products Humidity-Free Environment (-) 71,6°F (±3.6)
Frozen Pizza Humidity-Free Environment (-) 71,6°F (±3.6)